wicked stimulation

Lying back on the bed, your legs spread so wide I could see the tendons on the insides of your thighs standing out taught under your silky white skin, I plunged the dildo in and out of your pussy while I watched you gasping and shuddering while I played with my own clit, coming into my hand. Your breasts, mounds of fleshy white with large, pink nipples erect, moved up and down with the rhythm of my hand pumping in and out of you. Your head was bent back, eyes closed, your arms restrained by Velcro straps and metal carabiners pinning you to their matching set hooked onto the bed posts above and behind you.

Your lips were deliciously open; I could see the roof of your mouth from the angle I was at, and you let out gasps and cooing noises as you tried to hold back your orgasm. I slowed my hand down till I was sliding the rubber cock in and out of your cunt with long, deep and hard thrusts, and on the last stroke pulled the dildo almost completely out. Holding it there, you looked down your body, passed your breasts, the line of your stomach and the rise of your pubic bone, you wanted to know why I had stopped when you were so close. We locked eyes, my own thighs covered with my juices, and I also close to coming.

But I wanted more; I wanted to sit on your face and smother you in my scent.

Telling you not to move so the rubber dick wouldn’t fall out of your cunt, I lay it resting against the bed with the tip still inside you and scrambled eagerly to the head of the bed, straddling your face so I could look down at you and in turn you could see how dark and engorged my cunt was, centimetres from your face. “Don’t close your eyes, don’t look up at me. Just keep on watching; see how my cunt hole expands and contracts while I play with my clit? Just think how much juice will flow out of me if I carry on just like this…” and flicked my hardened clit over your face causing my muscles to contract and a small squirt of my scent to escape and land on your cheek, just close enough to your mouth for me to tell you to lick it up.

And you did.

I couldn’t bare it anymore, I wanted to sit on your mouth and pump you hard at the same time.

Turning round between your restraints, my legs between your arms and the bed, I leaned forward following the curve of your body with my fingers, gentle strokes all the way down to your mound. Reaching further, my left hand on the bed holding me up, I took hold of the dildo that hadn’t moved from the place I’d left it, and sat back, nuzzling my engorged nub on your nose first, letting the already present juices drip onto your forehead, eyes – now closed – and dripping on down passed your temples to the mattress.

In and out I pumped you with that fat plastic cock while in time to the rhythmic movements of my hips as I nuzzled against your mouth, nose and forehead. I could feel and hear you squealing beneath my wet mound and your hips were bucking while I fucked you hard with my extended plastic arm, the mattress beneath you growing darker with the stains of our fucking. I felt myself gather speed, rocking back and forth on your face, my clit happily being rubbed up against you and my lips contracting as my cunt prepared to cum all over your face. With my left hand I’m rubbing your clit and with my right, in and out I’m slamming the cock deep inside you. We are both bucking, both of our cunts are contracting and in a mind blowing moment where I can only just carry on fucking you, we both cum, screaming our pleasure against the box that surrounds us.

And I collapse atop you, smothering you more with my scent as I reach forward and begin to lick you clean with my tongue. And we both start giggling, because it tickles still.

But I love the taste of you.

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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