the professor

Let’s get these beards together sister, his text read.

I’d met the professor a couple of nights before. He had a beard and a wicked sparkle in his eye, and, when we were introduced, he kissed me on the cheek, tickling my neck at the same time. I knew that minute I was into him.

And I think he knew I was too; he purloined my number, very graciously, from a mutual friend of ours, and so began our discourse…

Kitty: Hey lovely, that sounds like a plan. Suggestions?

Professor: Tomorrow night, I am in France now. Let’s introduce these beards tomorrow.

K: No can do my dear – busy till next weekend!

P: And next weekend, what then my pet? I’m hoping to put my beard on your beard; I jest. Saturday night? Would it bother you if I didn’t have a beard? Probably so. I keep it for your neck and thighs.

K: Mmmmmmm… Don’t get me started… Till next weekend then.

During the next five days there was an endless barrage of texts building us both up to the climax of meeting under premeditated circumstances this time.


P: I’ve had a closer look at this blog, masturbated a few times thinking of your breasts, your neck. Too bad there are no pictures, though that may be a good thing – otherwise I may not leave the house.

K: No pictures necessary. I’m in the middle of another story now and going to be deliciously wet soon.

P: I like the thought of your delicious dripping pussy; I want to taste it.

K: Stop interrupting me with your sordid thoughts – my thoughts are enough to contend with…

P: I am interested in your sordid thoughts.

K: How on earth did we meet?  I’m looking forward to meeting your beard! And you of course…

P: It’s a good question. But I agree; I am interested in meeting you as well. Maybe more interested in watching you finger yourself with my cock in your mouth, but interested in getting to know you as well.

K: Why bother sitting there trying NOT to get hard by thinking of me sucking your cock till you cum all over my face? Get hard, get blisters and look forward to the weekend. Night.

P: Looking forward my pet.


P: Late night my pet? Were you thinking of the bite? Me too. Were you making stories last night? Hope so. Off to teach my class. Have a good morning.

K: There’s something so horny about a man who goes to class to lecture while thinking of biting and filthy stories… Yummy. Even while I feel immensely sick and am on my way back home.

P: During the class I was imagining you under the lectern. What’s wrong, too much champagne? Got to be careful at art galleries.

K: I was imagining that too, unzipping you while you’re concentrating on what you’re meant to be saying; taking out your cock, playing with him and getting him stiff; taking you in my mouth, all the way down to the hilt. You’d have to concentrate so hard! And it was gin that killed me…

P: Would have been great, could have got the law students involved. ‘German law classroom orgy.’ Gin, ouch. Hope you’ll feel better before Saturday.


P: You’re speaking nonsense my pet. On Saturday your cunt is mine and I am going to drink your cum like champagne; and I love champagne.

K: You know every time you call me your ‘pet’ it sends me into overdrive? Cunt is throbbing again…

P: Well that’s what you are, my little fuck-pet.

K: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… fuck! I’m horny, again.

P: I think I would like to be there right now with my tongue lapping up all your juices, two fingers in your asshole, my other hand pinching your nipples, you circling your wet cunt around on my tongue faster, then a little faster from the heat…

K: …then I’ll tell you to lie back and I’ll sit on your face where you can resume playing with my cunt, ass and nipples and I’ll lean forward, take your hard dick in both hands, stroking, moving one hand over your japs-eye and down, and back up again, repeating the same movement with the other hand holding the base of your shaft, then…

P: …I am spreading your ass cheeks nibbling on your clit, fucking your wet pussy with my tongue; digging my fingers into your warm ass; you are dripping on me, and stroking my cock begging me to fuck your mouth then…

K: …I don’t want to wait any longer and bend my head down to tickle the tip of your cock with my tongue, following the line of your japs-eye, tasting your pre-cum on my lips as I push them around your bell-end. I can hear you making slopping noises, licking my cunt hole, but it’s punctuated by your groans as my right hand massages the length of your shaft and my mouth takes you all the way down. I can feel my essence running down the insides of my thighs; I know your face is covered with my scent. I have claimed you for now and this thought makes me cum so hard I sit back on my heels, arching my back and screaming, almost forgetting I’m holding your cock. Then…


K: I hope you’re sitting in plain sight of everyone… I want you to discreetly rub your cock while maintaining eye contact with whoever is lecturing or you’re speaking to… And think of me sat at my desk feeling my clit with the heel of my foot… My panties are already wet… My boss is sat opposite me and the rest of the office doesn’t know a thing.

P: I wish I was under your desk fingering your wet cunt, licking my fingers after I plunge them in your warm twat.

K: You are under my desk right now… in my daydreams… But unlike you – who has an easy day of it – I have to get on with work… As much as I want you fucking me hard over my desk right now, while everyone around me is watching, I’m going to have to say ciao till later… Fucking cunt-hungry man-whore…

P: I love when you say nice things to me, you dirty, cock sucking slut.

K: (In between meetings…) GRRRRR… filthy, pussy licking, thigh spreading fuck…

P: Ah I love when you run your little whore mouth off – it makes me hard. But if you talk too much I am going to put something in your mouth to shut you up.


P: I shouldn’t text you, but this is boring here, now; wanted to hear something elegant.

K: Am I now a slave to your every whim, Sir? Why are you bored and why should I entertain you? Though it would be a pleasure.

P: Mutual slavery, my pet, we can do it all. But yes, you are my fuck slave and don’t forget it. From afar it is difficult but wherever you are I want you to touch your pussy and think of me.

K: Bark and bite, want to see what you’re made of. On sofa; felt my cunt, licked my fingers and thought of you. So you’d better be hard, stroking your cock and thinking of me wherever you are right now.

P: Aaaah I want to bite your clit. I am in the corner in the shadows, stroking my cock, thinking of your tits in my mouth.

K: Do you still have a beard? I’d like to feel the hair tickle my tits and neck, the insides of my thighs as you gently nibble and lick me all over. As you get hornier, you get rougher; and my nipple is hard between my thumb and forefinger.

P: I saved the beard for your cunt, your neck. You don’t know how excited I am to have you.

K: Delicious… I think I’m going to enjoy this… And cumming again tonight…

Walking up the flight of stairs in his apartment building with 4” heels on, the Professor was feeling my ass underneath my short LBD, reaching under my panty line to stroke my ass cheeks. Reaching the top floor, he fumbled with his keys, got the door open and we walked through. The door closed behind him.

He slammed me up against the wall, grabbing the back of my neck and forcing his lips onto mine; and I welcomed his touch by biting his lip and grabbing the back of his head, pulling him deeper into my kiss while he was doing the same. In a frenzy, he was pulling off my coat, my bag dropped to the floor, my coat and scarf following close after. The feel of his rough beard on my chin, cheeks and neck as he bit and kissed me, made me rip at his jacket, wanting to get inside his clothes. The straps of my dress, and my bra, were already down my shoulders as he was pulling at my clothes, his hands wandering freely over all my curves.

He pulled away, grabbed his belt and unfastened himself, roughly pulled me down in front of him, forcing my head onto his already stiff dick. Ramming my mouth down onto his cock, in and out, I stared up at him, into his green-blue eyes, but he looked away and up, groaning at the back of his throat as he held me to him over and over again.

Reaching down to me, he pulled me to my feet, and heaved my dress over my tits and head, bearing me before him. He got to his knees, pulled aside my wet panties and began licking at my trim cunt, my clit already a hard nub beneath his tongue. Up against the wall, I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him further into my cunt, letting him savour my juices while I leaned my head back and let out purring, satisfying noises, my cunt muscles contracting around his wicked tongue.

Pulling me down to kiss him, my wetness all over his beard and chin, in his mouth, I tasted myself. And he threw me to the floor pulling off my knickers in the process. I turned around on all fours, laughing as I tried to get away; playing the mouse in this little game.

He lunged after me, caught my leg, and pulled me back towards him along the floor of the corridor, turning me over in the process. Climbing on top, pinning me down with his weight, he bit at my nipples, sucking them hard, my arms pinned above my head by his heavy hands. Bucking and rubbing my pelvic bone against his, I wanted my clit stroked and I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. He moved up my body so that both of his knees were on either side of my head and he fed his cock into my hungry mouth as he leaned forward, his left arm against the wall behind my head.

He pummeled my throat, my saliva mixing with the taste of his pre-cum, dribbling out between my lips, making his cock wetter and harder, easier to slide down the back of my throat. Looking up at him still in his t-shirt, he leaned forward, thrusting into my sucking hole, with his eyes closed, black hair falling forward onto his brow.

But I wanted more, so I smacked his ass with hands whose arms he had pinned under his legs. Moving off me, he tugged off his t-shirt, leaned round the doorway into the living room and into a chest of drawers where he pulled out a string of condoms. Ripping one from its casing, he slipped it over his rigid member, and told me to get on my knees up against the wall. He came up behind me, parted my ass cheeks for better entry and, holding the back of my head with his left hand, right cheek turned, arms resting on either side of me with my palms flat against the wall at shoulder level, he finally entered my soaking wet cavern, guiding himself in with his left hand.

He kissed me hard on my neck, his beard scratching my skin, making ripples of pleasure run through me as he thrust his throbbing cock deep inside me from behind, his left hand held my left hip, pulling me into his every plunge.

Grunting, fucking, our skin sliding across one another with ease from the perspiration covering us in a fine sheen, my hair a complete mess, his beard stinking of my cunt juices.

Letting go of the back of my neck, he reached round with his right hand and pulled at my nipples which had been pressed up against the hard surface of the wall. I let out an unexpected squeal of delight and pushed hard against him, driving his cock deeper into my aching hole. With the same hand he moved down to my clit and flicked it roughly, just making me teeter on the edge of losing control, screaming out in surprise.

His thrusts were getting faster and he was pulling his cock to the tip and just fucking me with his bell-end, gripping onto both my hips now as he started to slam his cock home. I knew he was going to cum so I reached down and began rubbing my clit, my pea already hard in anticipation of a play. Feeling her, feeling his cock fill me, my tits slammed up against the rough wall in front of me, I orgasmed, the waves of my cunt around his cock almost making his cock shoot out of me, then pulling him back in, the waves making him cum seconds after.

His body and breathing heavy behind me, I turned to kiss him, sweat and other bodily fluids making us both stink.

But I wanted that last kiss… before pushing him back so that we both lay there on the corridor floor, clothes strewn around us, our bodies bearing the marks of our games… and smoked a cigarette in anticipation of the next round.



Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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