scent and sensibilities

I’m imagining the scent of you.

Your naked body lying face down next to me on the bed, hands tied behind your back, totally at my mercy. My fingers run down your spine and back up to your neck again, gently pulling the hair at the nape, gathering it as I lean down and whisper in your ear. My angry, hard cock brushes your thigh through my trousers as my words electrify your untouched sex, moistening your hole.

The softness of my voice, the firmness of my physicality, the descriptiveness of my words; the soft, gentle stroking of my fingers on your back, my gentle nibbling of your earlobe and your total lack of power to escape me are a heady and contradictory mix. A sinister tone delivered in a softly spoken voice close to your ear; the intimate and warm use of my preferred name for you, slut, mixed with nerve-wracking, intense suspense of what I’m going to do to you.

A needless cunt has no scent. I want to inhale the scent of your need after you have spent a day writhing in your panties at work; all the dirty, slutty thoughts which have been burning in your hole, staining silken panties. I know your cunt has need, real and heart desiring need.

Prising your cheeks apart I lean forward and lick from coccyx down towards your tight, brown hole, your faint aroma tasteful on my tongue, the scent of your pussy mingling. Your ass is tight but my tongue rims your hole and I can feel you relax. Keeping your cheeks apart with one hand, tongue licking round your rim loosening you for later, I use my right hand to pinch your clit, forcing you to shriek out in delighted surprise. Then my finger lazily circles your bean before I pinch and flick once, twice more.

You had a shower that morning but you’ve dirtied yourself throughout the day and I know that I’m also licking those natural scents of you too.

A girl, who cannot fuck after a day at work as her self-consciousness overrides her needs and desires, bores me. Overpowering you to get what I want thrills us both. The spontaneity of undressing a woman as all the above aromas are released to me, is a need for me, and a thrill.

However, after smelling you, your most intimate scents, I want you to beg for my thick cock.

Grabbing you by your hair, giving you a fright and feeling the control I have over you, I pull you off the bed onto the floor, grazing your knees on the carpet before me and yank your head back so you’re looking up at me, your eyes at the same level as the bulge in my trousers.

But you can’t have me yet.

I circle behind you, hair still held in my left hand, bend down and untie your bindings, letting you loose. Naked, I tell you to crawl slowly, wriggling your ass as you go, towards the hotel door on all fours. Ass in the air, tempting me, I pull the belt from my trousers and pace towards you. With the soft end I come down on each of your ass cheeks, taking it in turns, three, four, five times. You slow down, almost stop to receive more leathery strokes and so I stop. You continue crawling on, knowing that I won’t touch you unless I want to.

You’ve reached the door and there is nowhere for you to go but I haven’t told you to stop and the cracks from my leather belt against your ass are stinging you, causing your cheeks to turn bright red. You pull yourself up the door so your head is level with the door handle. I tell you to stop where you are and move back. Slowly, you creep backwards, spanking not hindering you anymore. I open the door, take a quick look outside then tell you to crawl on all fours towards the elevator at the end of the long corridor. You look at me, your eyebrows rising, and I tell you to do it, now. You move forward. I step out into the corridor to watch you as you slowly progress down the hallway. I can see your legs and arms shaking and I know that your cunt is dripping in anticipation. You reach the elevator doors where there is a cross section with another corridor and you quickly look both ways before turning completely around and start heading back towards me.

Behind you I can see the numbers on the elevator going up. Someone’s coming – will they stop on this floor? See your ass wriggling down the corridor, burning red on all fours? You’ve looked at me and realised what I’m waiting for; picking up your pace, you move towards me again, and I usher you into the room, closing the door firmly behind you before the elevator doors ping open.

For hurrying like that I am going to punish you.

Picking your lithe body up, I throw you onto the bed face down and tell you to sit back doggy style, ass in the air again so your holes are open to inspection. It’s so hot in this room and I can smell you, your sex. I can see your wet lips, your dark asshole gaping for me. I am completely turned on by your willingness but you need to be punished for your earlier disobedience.

I shed my clothes, standing stripped behind you to your left. You turn your head towards me, perspiration making the hair on your forehead stick down, and you lick your red, full lips at me, eyes pouting, roving up and down my body, a smile creeping across your face as your gaze alights on my cock. Moving up behind you I spread your ass cheeks again, welcoming the musky scent that greets me. I have the lube in my hand, just in case, but I spit on you first, slowly circling your hole again, sticking a finger in just slightly, teasing you open.

I am going to fuck your ass, hard.

And so thinking, I pull a condom over my gleaming head and move to slowly pull you down onto my cock, teasing your rim, slipping round you, inside and out again. The sensations on my cock as your hole takes me in send spasm through me.

Gently, with slow precision, I push myself into you, you onto me, feeling the cavernous hole inside you that is your ass, the tight rim closing around my shaft. I’m all the way in, filling you from behind.

You are mine now. I have taken you.

I know you’ve been wriggling and writhing, all the time not wanting me inside this particular hole. But you’ve been a bad girl, disobeying me like that, and you’re going to take this punishment like the good little slut that you are. And you’ll enjoy it.

Reaching forward, cock sliding very slowly, deeply, in and out of your ass, I grab hold of the back of your neck to get a better rhythm, pulling you into me. In the end I won’t need to – you’ll be gagging for my cock to thrust harder. I lean forward and under you, pinch and slap your nipples and tits, torturing you with the pain and the pleasure of my throbbing, veined cock inside you. And you’re gasping as my rhythm builds.

I can feel my pre cum making its way out the tip of my japs-eye. I know I am close to climax. So I fuck you faster and harder, grabbing hold of your hips and driving you onto my shaft so deeply. I can feel my cock rubbing your insides, and tell you to stick your fingers in your pussy hole while I continue to fuck you hard. I feel your fingers go up against my shaft on the other side of the wall inside you and the extra sensation of something rubbing against the head of my cock sends me into overdrive.

I explode inside you, my cock’s juices pulsing out of me, seven, eight times.

Your ass is a lot wider now and when I pull my cock out, my cum dribbles out of you down towards your gaping pussy hole, your fingers still inside.

I want to know how your yearning, aching cunt creates its own animal scent to attract a mate. Your emails and willingness to be vulgar make you rare enough. Intimacy and animalistic desires go hand in hand for me and as such my inquisitive need to know the unique scent of your body make me throb.

I want you.

My cock is now straining as I imagine inhaling your scents and more. Whilst I will enjoy the feel of a freshly bathed slut and the scentless taste of a showered body, I need to be base and animalistic with you also… and you will conform.

This email has several points which you will address in the same order in which I have written them and I want to know you have been reading this whilst at work.

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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