at work

At work, sitting at her desk and staring at her PC screen, she was wondering why the same thing always happened in every job she’d had. She’d stepped over the line again and had started flirting with an outside contractor. As the front lady for the construction firm, Xandra was always the first voice, face and name people heard and saw on a daily basis.

The majority of the time she kept a firm control of herself and her flirtatious manner but she was so put out with what Alex had done that morning that she had started to reply provocatively to one of the outside contractors, Tony, who had been given an assignment to oversee the new build of the water works station.

‘So what are you thinking about right now then?’ his email read. She didn’t know what to respond but she knew she had to get on with the reports her evil manager had plonked in her In Tray. ‘Fuck it’, she thought and replied, ‘I’m thinking about going into the bathroom right now and making myself cum. I’m thinking about rubbing my nipples until they’re hard, making me want to flick my clit harder. I’m thinking about what you want to do to me, what you’re doing right now while you’re reading this. Are you getting hot under the collar? Can you feel your cock throbbing against the inside of your trouser leg? And do you hang to the left or the right, I wonder? Writing this down now, I can feel myself getting moist. I’ll be back in a jiffy… just going to visit the ladies. ;o)

Xandra quickly pressed the Send button then browsed to her sent box and deleted the message she had just sent, pushed her chair back and stood up in one smooth motion. Sneaking out of the office, passed her manager’s desk, she walked out the door, took a right and marched straight into the ladies loos.

In the cubicle at the end of the row, she locked the door. It was one of those strange things that whenever she went into the toilets, she had to go to the loo, so she did just that at first, pulling down her panties easily because she was wearing a skirt. While sat on the loo, she dried herself then began rubbing her clit. She dropped her knickers right down to her ankles so she could get her legs wider and, feeling her untrimmed hair beneath her fingers, she parted her dark pink lips and rubbed her nub with her fore and middle fingers. With her left hand she pulled up her shirt and stroked up her body towards her right nipple. Xandra knew that she could cum in seconds when she played with her nipples, and her earlier email exchange with Tony had got her so horny she wanted to cum right there and then.

What Xandra had failed to realise, was that just after she had walked into the loos and gone into the cubicle, another lady who works in one of the other offices in the same building had walked in behind her. Little did Xandra know that Jo was listening intently to all the sounds, albeit as quiet as they were, coming from Xandra’s cubicle. Jo couldn’t believe her ears as she heard the soft sigh of pleasure escaping Xandra’s lips – she realised then that she could hear someone playing with themselves in the cubicle next to hers.

Having finished with the toilet herself, and feeling incredibly turned on by knowing that a woman was in the cubicle next to her frigging herself, Jo did the only thing she wanted to do right then; she rubbed the flat of her hand over her clit with her clothes still on and knew that she too was getting moist. She didn’t unlock the cubicle or walk out to wash her hands but pulled down her trousers, then her panties and touched her clit and hole to feel how moist she really was.

Jo just couldn’t help herself; with her right hand she began to feel her left nipple through her shirt. She was imagining who the other woman was in the cubicle next to her, imagined parting her lips and sucking her clit for her. She wanted to knock on that door and dig her fingers into that woman’s hole and really make her cum. With all these thoughts flying through her head, and with her left hand rubbing her clit, she became short of breath and knew that she was going to cum. Jo could feel her wetness dribbling down the inside of her thighs, and back towards her asshole. And she shuddered at the pleasure of it, great waves rushing through her body.

Xandra was cumming also, and in her pleasure she had failed to hear the sounds Jo was making in the cubicle next to hers. But she didn’t care… trying to contain herself from screaming at that precise moment, she let loose an almighty sigh instead and her body was wracked with her first orgasm of the day. She slumped down onto the loo, head lolling forward, enjoying the last remnants of her orgasm.

Xandra dried herself then pulled up her knickers, straightened her shirt and skirt, and walked out of the cubicle. She jumped when Jo walked out of the cubicle next to hers, and, looking sheepishly at one another in the mirrors’ reflection above the sinks, they washed their hands. ‘I wonder if she heard me,’ they both thought, and smiling secretly at one another, not saying a word, they both left the ladies and returned to their respective offices.

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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