control me subtly

We were sat in your lounge and your housemate walked out the room… you leaned across the arm of the sofa chair, roughly yanked down my top and bra and begin playing with my right nipple. When I thought your housemate was going to walk back in, I quickly pulled away from you and covered myself up. He didn’t come in and you looked at me, ‘I’ll decide when you are to put yourself away,’ and with that, yanked down on my top again so my right breast was completely exposed.

Playing with my nipples always made you horny because you knew exactly how sensitive they were – you remember the time you made me cum whilst just holding and squeezing both of them while you lay behind me, your hot breath on my right ear? You knew how horny it made me.

The next time I thought your housemate was coming back into the room, I didn’t pull away; I simply stared at you with that wicked grin in my eye, and you stared right back; a challenge. I could feel my cunt begin to throb, unperceivable shivers running through me at every pinch, tug and pull; I wanted you there and then, but you hadn’t told me to move yet.

Your housemate came down the stairs and you slowly pulled your hand away, pulling up my top in one smooth move, leaving my right tit out of my bra but still covered up, for ease of access. You patted my breast, told me not to do anything unless you told me to; and I waited while your housemate said ‘night to us both and hurried upstairs again.

Alone, you told me to lie on the floor in front of you, take off my leggings and underwear, and to reveal my swollen pussy before you. You told me to play with myself, and I started to do so… but you told me not to look at you, to finger fuck myself as if I were alone, with no one else in the room. And I did… I closed my eyes while lying spread-eagled before you on the wooden floor and I felt my hard nub under my fore and middle fingers… the flesh of my lips was already wet, and I imagined that my hole must have been wide open, dark and deliciously staring up at you, the muscles contracting and the juices flowing forth. That thought alone made me arch my back and squirt in pleasure.

My cum dribbled out of my cunt and down the fold between my thighs and outer lips, down passed my asshole – I could feel it cool as it got in the space between my ass cheeks and the floor… and my nipples were so hard. Eyes closed, I knew you were watching me, stroking your cock, rigid as rock. I could feel your eyes cover the length of my body, from my head tilted back, to my open mouth, on down to my chin and neck. You drank me in; my heavy but pert breasts shaking like two jellies, my left hand pulling at my left nipple, so hard the skin stretched out – and I let out a gasp as my nipple wouldn’t stretch any further and I could feel that hint of pain which so balanced out the feeling my right fore and middle fingers were giving my clit. In my minds eye, your eyes had wondered further, could see my right hand going round in circles, could see the pressure I was putting on those two fingers, pushing whilst all the time circling round.

How wet it must have looked – it felt wet, my hand, cunt and ass soaking as they were, and the puddle which surrounded me. But I wanted something harder against my tits so I turned over, thinking this is exactly how I would fuck myself at home – I hadn’t yet met your eyes. My nipples lay just touching the floor, and so sensitive were they from the pinching they had taken that while on all fours, ass in the air, nipples brushing the cold, wooden floor and right hand constantly play with my inflamed nub, I came even more… it must have looked like I wasn’t just squirting because I flowed like a waterfall; and the puddle grew around my knees.

I could feel my body shaking but I hadn’t yet cum to orgasm, so I lay back down with my legs spread wide in front of you, my right hand not quite as energetic as before but still circling against my cunt hole. I imagined you might have seen my lips and hips quivering because the next thing I knew you were on the floor between my thighs, lifting my legs up so you could feed your angry cock into my hot, dripping hole. Each time you’ve entered me before I could feel your head and the ridge just before your shaft filling me in such an unexpected way, and this time was no different. I was full.

Grabbing a cushion, I lifted my hips up and placed it beneath me so your cock would go deeper. You reached the end of my cunt, your head swollen inside me, and I knew cum was dribbling slowly out your japseye. I could feel you pulsate inside me when you paused on each thrust in, your body heavy on mine as you leaned forward over me, not near enough to kiss, but close enough to look up into your eyes. In rhythm with one another, the sounds escaping our lips – the grunts, the exertion, the sweat which formed on our skins even while the window was open, letting in a breeze that cooled us; we rutted like two wild boars on the floor that night; and it felt good, so good.

A hard floor is, however, hard; you stood up and told me to bend over the couch with my ass towards you, right leg on the arm of the sofa – and you entered me again, my throat betraying a growl as you filled me right up.

The pounding began, each one of your hands gripping my hips and controlling with each thrust you made and you bent forward with your right hand and grabbed my breast, going straight for my nipple and yanking hard. A high-pitched squeal left my mouth, but it was one of pure bliss. My left leg was beginning to shake as my body recognised that it was about to orgasm again. Shivers were sweeping through me and my arms were becoming weak whilst they pushed me back onto you, time and again.

The next moment my juicy cunt contracted and pulsated around your cock, holding you and pushing you out at the same time; my little squirt hole hurtling my essence out around you. I thought you might have been pushing as hard as you could against this tirade from the hole you had entered freely and with such enthusiasm. I almost collapsed from exhaustion, but before I could take my next breath I felt you move forward again and start playing with both my nipples, your body resting heavy on mine again.

Gently pulling at them at first, you gradually began to grab harder. My legs still shaking, you reached under me and around my thigh to reach my lips again. Parting them, you began to stroke my red and engorged clit. I couldn’t help it, the combination of nipple and clit being stroked at the same time, and as a bonus being well filled also, just drives me insane and my body reacted once more. The muscles in my cunt hole tightened around you and you knew that you had me again, so you began to move slowly, in and out, teasing my insides all over again. And you built it up so well, so deliciously, that you had me coming harder than before. Deeper, longer and harder you came, pulsating in and out of me, building up your speed again so that you could cum where you chose.

Just the way I like it.

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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