don’t get me started…

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 23:57:18 -0400
Subject: Grrrr…

Grrrr… don’t get me worked up…

Too late, I’m hard… sigh…

Time for a bit of knob polishing while I think about you riding me as I sit on the lounger on my balcony, or of your bare boobs pressed up against the floor to ceiling windows in my flat while I thrust into you from behind, or of you sat on my sofa with your knees up by your shoulders as I take long strokes in and out of your pussy, or of splashing my semen over your face as you kneel on the floor before me, or of hammering you with short, sharp strokes as I kiss your neck and you gasp in orgasm, or of fondling your boobs from behind, my hard cock trapped between your thighs as you try and concentrate on cooking a meal naked, or of bringing you to a climax with my fingers while to the outside world we look innocently sat in a jacuzzi, or of watching you masturbate to the finish for me while I rub my own cock and try not to cum myself, or of sliding my knob between your soaped-up boobs until I cum between them while in the shower, or of you lying back against me in the bath and playing with yourself as you wriggle slowly on my hard-on, or of taking you doggy-style while we both watch a video of me fucking you on the washing machine…

I kept getting random thoughts throughout the day – you on your knees, sucking my cock with a vibrator buried deep inside you; me pushing a vibrator into you and then licking your juices off it; me telling you I wouldn’t fuck you until I’d watched you masturbate to orgasm with a toy…

Grrrr… I really wish you liked receiving oral sex. At the moment I want to forget all about work, bury my face in your pussy, stick my fingers inside you, smell your sex and do to your clit with my mouth exactly the same thing as I do to your nipples. Then I’d crawl up your body and fuck you hard, kissing you so you could taste your own juices before I pumped you full of spunk. Hmmmm…

I’ve not counted them all, but if you were pressed up naked against my windows, my abdomen slapping into your buttocks as my hard dick powered into you from behind, I reckon there’s about 300 windows, any one of which we could be seen from…

But I best leave you to get back to work now. It’s almost midnight now but I’m pretty sure you’ll be reading this when you get into work tomorrow morning. You’ll start up your PC then go grab a coffee from the kitchen, slowly making your way back to your desk because you’re stopping to chat to colleagues on the way. When you’ve finally logged on you’ll probably check your work mail first then get onto Gmail and finally read this message. I wish I could see your face right now as you read these lines – I imagine the colour in your cheeks would rise and you’d be sitting on the heel of your foot like you do at home when you want to discreetly rub yourself till you’re horny.

My cock is hard and I am going to come hard too.

See you later perhaps?


Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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