day dreaming of the night before

It was never my strong point to say no to a decent sized man, and when I saw how decent he was, I knew I’d enjoy taking him in my mouth, right up to his balls.

But before we got that far, he was kissing me, stroking my lips with his tongue; kissing my neck and sending shivers down my spine – even thinking about him now my cunt has begun to throb, and I can feel my tight trousers rubbing against my clit as I sit here and type this.

Anticipating him and his actions made me wet yesterday and after I saw him I went home, undressed and knelt on the floor. I swept my hands up the length of my body, my legs spread, my nipples erect from the cool air in my bedroom. A tingling sensation ran down my spine and I wanted to feel my clit so much, but held off, and stroked the curves of my ass cheeks with both hands, round my hips then the inside of my thighs. Pinching my nipples using two fingers on each hand, building up the horny feeling between my lips, I felt the juices begin to dribble out my cunt hole.

As the pressure increased and I couldn’t hold back, I placed my middle finger on my engorged clit and began to rub it slowly in a circle… all the time I’m imagining him taking me, hard, from behind, forcing himself against my body, slamming into me. By now my pussy hole is enlarged and my essence is squirting forth on the floor, small puddles beginning to form. Pinching, pulling and twisting my right nipple makes me hornier and I want to feel something large in my hole. I try to stick my hand in as far as it will go, and although I’m not full, it still makes me feel good, and I can imagine him filling me completely. Thoughts are amazing, and with that last one, I cum, fully orgasm, shooting, but only a sigh escapes my lips.

After all, the flat has very thin walls.


Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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