teasing you, using me

staring him directly in the face, keeping his attention on me, i ran my forefinger on my right hand up my left arm towards the strap of my dress. slowly, teasingly, i began to pull the strap down, always looking back at him to make sure he was watching. seeing his rapt attention, i slid my dress and bra straps off my left shoulder, then swapped fingers and traced up my arm with my left forefinger towards my right shoulder straps. i looked back at him to find him closely watching my finger as i drew down the right straps off my shoulder. i followed the curve of my neckline with my right finger and gradually pulled the material down at the front so that my ample bosom spilled over the top revealing big, brown nipples, rock hard with anticipation and the cool air that hit them after the warmth of my dress.

being right handed, i flicked my left nipple, stroking around it, making it harder, more erect – if that were possible – then i grabbed my tit, lowered my head and sucked my nipple, biting it hard on the way out, leaving a wet stain across it. looking back at him, i could see how aroused he had become just through this little bit of teasing…

he asked me to walk towards him, and i did, bending over and letting my breasts hang in front of his face, tantalizing in front of his eyes, he takes my left breast in his hand and draws the nipple to his mouth… biting first, then sucking, making it harder… with his other hand he grabs my right breast and squeezes, pulling me closer towards him by my breasts, my mouth slamming hard into his kiss and my body falling on top of his.

his arms snaked round me, sliding down towards my ass, lifting up the edge of my dress and taking a cheek in each hand, while kissing me hard and pinning my arms by my side. his sheer strength and size overpowered me and i was helpless in his grasp… i was panting hard but couldn’t draw away from him to take a breath, my dress was dishevelled around me, my hips and ass cheeks exposed to his searching hands…

he gripped each cheek with a hand, digging his nails into them and pulling me closer towards him, his breath hot against my face, then just as quickly let go, releasing my arms. he grabbed my hair and pushed my head down his body towards his crotch, his manrod standing to attention, purple and pulsing before my eyes, before forcing it down my throat and shoving my head down, engorging myself on him. i almost choked, but had it not been for the fact that i can deep throat, i would have. instead i took long glides down his cock, perched myself on each elbow, placed one hand around the base of his dick and the other cupped his balls.

up and down my head went, the tears sprinkling out the sides of my eyes, his cock throbbing in my mouth, i begin to hum gently, letting the vibrations be felt at the back of my throat. i look up to see him watching me intently, teeth bared, throwing his head back against the sofa arm each time i took him whole.

my right hand has cupped his balls and i’m stroking the smooth area just under them, knowing that his g spot isn’t too far from there… his cock hardens even more as i stroke him gently, the fingers of my left hand tight around the base of him. i can hear him sighing with each movement, but the blood is pumping around my head as i begin to lose control of my already haggard breathing.

he’s using my mouth like a wet cunt, in and out, the rhythmic appeal bringing him close to climax.

i’m close to gagging and need to take a breath but he keeps pushing my head up and down. on one of the strokes up, i make my head follow through the motion and continue to push upwards so that i can gasp for air. i look at him and he looks disappointed to see that i’ve pulled away from him, but in place of my throat, i begin to rub his cock up and down with my right hand, the left still holding onto the base of him…. i’m gulping air while massaging his still hard and thumping dick and his hands fall to his side as he sees i need a break…


Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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