Jimmy stared straight through her, his eyes hardening in anger and disappointment and she knew she had overstepped the mark.

“Turn around and face the wall, you little minx”, he growled.

Jade gasped involuntarily. She was always excited and a little afraid when she pushed him just that bit too far, and yet she could never resist doing so. She knew she had been particularly petulant this photo session and several times Jimmy had had to purse his lips and inhale impatiently as she complained about the pose he was asking of her, or the draught, or when she demanded a drink and a break. She had no reason to complain, Jimmy treated her with respect and utter professionalism when necessary. The years had deepened their understanding and she knew the role to adopt today from the moment she arrived at the studio and saw the clothes he had laid out for her.

He had been in the studio as usual, setting up with two unfamiliar assistants, so she went straight to the little adjacent room she always claimed as her dressing room. First had been his ignoring her breezy “hello” and then the terse note beside the outfit and ankle-strap stilettos…

”Put these on and report to me in 5 minutes. Don’t keep me waiting…”

She had undressed, removing her own summer dress, then her shoes and over the knee white socks, and finally, teasingly, her matching bra and pants, knowing he was watching on the monitor from the other room. She carefully adorned the Agent Provocateur cupless bra, side-tie panties and suspender belt. Then teasingly applied her seamed stockings, attaching the tops to the suspender straps with relish, smoothing down her legs and enjoying the way they clung to her curves. Her cunt was a little wet already as the breeze hardened her nipples. She glanced at her watch. That had taken four and a half minutes and so she mischievously took her time. Next came the tight, secretarial black pencil skirt by Chloe and then the wispy, prim buttoned up librarian style white blouse by Stella McCartney and the wonderful Prada Stilettos. She smiled to herself, approvingly, as she donned each item. After tying up her hair as instructed and applying plenty of red lipstick, she calmly and defiantly walked into the room, head high and pouting a little. He ignored her, gruffly ordering her over to the wall, where his two assistants were busy adjusting the lights.

“I told you not to keep me waiting. I hope you’re not going to be a bad girl, we have a lot to get through.”

“Sorry sir”, she said sarcastically, causing the first stern, “I’m warning you”, type look of the day. She pointedly looked away, absently adjusting the suspender strap on her slender leg and causing the handsome assistant to gulp and sweat a little as he tried to hide his swelling cock.

The session went well, interrupted as it was by her petulance, and secretly she was pleased with the array of outrageous positions he commanded her to pose in. But she had never pushed Jimmy so openly when he had assistants present. Normally their games, his orders and her naughty disobedience, were a private thing, enjoyed by them alone. This time she had come close to humiliating him in front of his new staff and she could see from the look on his face that he was about to repay the compliment. Complaining about her arms aching from holding them above her head for this final pose and petulantly suggesting getting the young girl, Megan, to spot her during the set up of the shot was a step too far. .”I’ve had enough of this. Turn around and face the wall, you little minx.”

And so here they were.

“I said…TURN…AROUND…AND…FACE…THE…WALL. Place your hands flat against the wall and arch your back, you annoying…. dirty….. little…. slut”.

Shocked, she did as she was told; amazed at his lack of composure in front of the staff, and with quick bounding strides he was behind her, paying no attention to Megan or the handsome boy. With no need for further talk Jimmy yanked her skirt up around her waist and roughly, more roughly than he had ever been with her, ripped her knickers down around her thighs. Before she had time to catch her breath, the back of the hairbrush she had left on the table came down hard on her bare, curvaceous bottom…once…twice… three times, each time hard and evenly spaced. As the biting pain of the first stinging smack was just beginning to register, then came the second, and so with the third… She yelped in astonished surprise and angry pain, humiliated by the knowledge that the two assistants were witnessing the whole thing, open mouthed, somewhere behind her. She whimpered and tried to squirm away… SMACK…The hairbrush descended again and she screamed in agony. He had never spanked her like this.

“Don’t move”, he whispered calmly. “Don’t you dare move.”

“No sir” she immediately responded, no trace of sarcasm in her voice this time.

“You said you like these games. Well I’m going to show you a new one, you dirty…naughty… little slut. What are you?”

“I’m a dirty, naughty little slut, sir”, she again responded without hesitation.

Alarmed as she was, the surprise and ferocity and utter authority of his advance, (plus the audacity and disregard he showed for the presence of the other two) had swept aside most of her defences and she now found herself incapable of playing the bratty bitch as she had intended. Her cunt was already sopping wet and he easily worked two (or was it three) fingers inside her. She parted her legs slightly to accommodate him, stretching the fabric of her g-string even tauter against her thighs. She closed her eyes, her body awash with differing sensations; the stinging in her arse cheeks, the tightness of her suspenders and knickers around her thighs, the breeze up her skirt, his fingers working inside her. She moaned slightly and ground her sopping cunt against his hand. . Footsteps behind her made her remember the other two, and she twisted her head to see the handsome youth standing beside Jimmy, grinning. Quick as a flash the hairbrush descended on to her arse again, even more firmly, causing a bigger yelp. Her cunt muscles spasmed with uncontrollable pleasure at the shock of the sudden pain.

“Face the wall.” Jimmy ordered. Trembling she did as she told, excited by this turn and scared that he would dare to take things this far.

“Xavier, Megan, I’m finished with you now. Take a break. Go through to the other room while I deal with her.” Facing the wall, she could only faintly hear as the two left them alone, but she could tell from the way the silence changed that they had. His hand withdrew from her cunt and the hairbrush caressed her arse, before she felt it too vanish.

Suddenly, her hands were pulled roughly behind her back and tied tightly with rope. It bit painfully into her wrists, taking her breath away. Then he grabbed her by the hair, yanking her head up and tying a silk scarf over her eyes.

As he did these things he whispered calmly and with certainty, “You are mine. I’m going to use you like the dirty submissive you are. You are going to give yourself totally and utterly to me. You will let me use your mouth and your cunt and your arse.”

Blind now, she was shocked again to feel him forcefully turn her around to face him and the room once more. He was unrecognisably stern.

“You are a slut that needs cum” he whispered. “What are you?”

“I’m a slut that needs cum sir”, she breathed. “I’ll do whatever you say”.

And she knew she would, feeling how completely he had possessed her, how much she wanted to obey him.

She felt a sudden intrusion, a firm dildo sliding inside her and she moaned loudly, grinding her hips onto it as his thumb idly flicked her clitoris. He persisted until she was moving her hips back and forth at speed, biting her lip, riding the toy.

“Don’t you dare cum. You’ll beg me before you can cum.” Slowly he walked away from her and she heard him take up the camera. He photographed her there, blindfolded and helpless, wriggling against her tied hands, in stockings and suspenders with pants around her thighs and a vibrator lodged in her pussy.

Suddenly, as the camera clicked away, she felt an unfamiliar cock, hard and firm press against her lips. She pulled away, involuntarily, shocked that anyone else was still in the room. The camera clicks stopped and Jimmy’s voice carried gently to her from the other side of the studio.

“Go on”, he said firmly, “Suck the boys cock, you want to anyway.”

Her red lips parted slightly, and there it was again, the assistant’s youthful prick entering her expectant mouth, gently probing….and all the last resistance she had drained away. She was transformed, all doubt left her as she abandoned herself to the will of Jimmy and sucked and sucked on the delicious cock of the handsome new assistant as he pulled on her hair, making her shiver and moan, and then gag, choking as he held it deep inside… and the camera clicked. He held her on his cock, until she was almost fighting for breath, a little afraid, just a little…and then he released her. Gasping for breath, disorientated and unbelievably aroused, her surprise was completed as the dildo in her cunt suddenly started vibrating, buzzing into life and a hand started to firmly work the toy in and out. She nearly fainted from the surprise pleasure, instantly sucking the boys cock back inside as it nudged her open mouth, slurping harder and faster and moaning.

“Don’t you dare cum till I tell you, young lady”, a voice whispered in her ear as the vibrator moved from her cunt to her clit, sending waves of submissive pleasure through her. The bondage of her arms and her pants around her thighs added to her wanton sensation and her moaning grew louder. The voice was Jimmy and dimly she was aware that the camera was still clicking…Megan had been the one who was taking the photos. Jimmy must have been close all along. But she didn’t have time to think for long.

Jimmy was behind her, one strong hand roughly gripping a handful of expensive blouse and skirt, the other working her clit skilfully with the powerful vibrator. And then he was in her, fucking her, slamming into her, ramming his gorgeous, thick hard cock in and out of her sloppy wet hole. Her whole body jolted forwards with the force of his fucking and her obedience and abandonment were complete as the camera clicked and she was filled with cock at both ends. She moaned and slurped as Jimmy gruffly continued to tell her what a whore she was and she revelled in her utter helplessness. She had never had two men together before.

“You are a dirty, naughty, naughty girl… swallow his cum…I want you to swallow his cum” he whispered.

More aroused than she could remember ever being in her life, she slurped with renewed vigour, desperate to obey Jimmy, until with a loud yell, the assistant shot a thick load of spunk down her throat, which she greedily took. And then the boy was gone, stepping away as she gulped down his cum. Jimmy whispered suddenly right by her ear,

“Good girl. Good girl.”

That sent her over the edge and with a wild and complete, submissive abandon she ground herself back onto Jimmy’s cock and the vibrator agonisingly stroked her clitoris as her orgasm built inside her, pulsing and mounting to explosion..

“Please sir,” she found herself asking, aware that she desired to hear him grant permission, “please let me cum, please may I cum…”

“Beg me.”

The orgasm started to pour forth and she moaned, on the very tip of release…

“Don’t you dare, you’ve been very bad!” he growled, removing the vibrator from her clit. Taking the pleasure away.

The intensity was too much, and she was kept on the edge by his thrusting cock inside her cunt. She wailed in frustration and struggled to get her hands free, so she could wrestle the vibrator from her captor and finish the job herself, but to no avail. They remained tied behind her back and she received another gorgeous stinging spank on the buttock for her effort.

“You’ve been very bad today”

“Yes sir…”

“And will you be a good girl now?”

She ground onto his cock, her cunt more alive than ever before.

“Yes sir, yes sir, I’ll be good sir”

Click, click, click went the camera.

“Please can I cum now… please sir…”

There was a brief but agonisingly long silence before……she felt the boy take the vibrator and press it again against her already throbbing clit, freeing Jimmy to pound into her from behind. She swooned from the renewed intensity. The teasing and playing with her so close to the edge only added to the absurd level of wantonness now as Jimmy fucked her relentlessly.

”Fill me. I’m your cum whore, I’m your filthy, naughty, dirty slut”, she wailed as the fucking and the toy took her over the edge once and for all and she came like never before. She came whilst helpless and bound, with her arse stinging red… waves of pleasure engulfed her, overtaking her, making her scream, she felt him harden inside her and he gripped her hair, fucking and fucking and filling her with hot, creamy cum, prolonging her own orgasm still longer….

“I am such a dirty girl”, she whimpered as she started to feel his cum dribbling out of her cunt, down her thighs, into her knickers and the waves of orgasm continued…

by Anon

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