text talk

HIM: I’m wanking my thick hard cock slowly right now, thinking how I’m going to stand you facing away, towards a wall, hands on head, knickers round your thighs and I’m circling you clit so slowly with my finger while your butt is plugged, ass is caned and red. My hand hovers to spank you over the edge.

HER: I’m imagining my cum dripping down my inner thighs, all the way down my legs, making pools in my heels. The sting on my ass cheeks is making me wild and my body is shaking all over. Pegs on my nipples make them hard yet sensitive and every now and then they brush the wall I face, causing me to cum again.

HIM: I firmly yank on your hair and tell you to arch your back more then squat down as you cum. Reaching around I calmly flick the pegs and you shudder. I tell you to turn round and I slap my cock against your cheeks before pushing it in to the back of your throat.

HER: And I take you at first cautiously, then deeper, all the way down my throat, looking up into your face you see the tears streaking down my face while you grab my hair, controlling my head. Pulling, pushing making me choke and gag. I spit on your cock and rub my face in your groin so there’s a sheen to my skin. You gently turn my head and slap me.

HIM: Holding your head still, whispering for you to look at me, I firmly… slowly at first… fuck your mouth. My eyes twinkle as you relax to open your throat to me. Your fingers snaking between your legs and rapidly rubbing. As you cum again, I yank you fully onto my cock and calmly hiss… ‘good girl, good girl, good girl…’ I’m going to hold your tear stained face so still between my legs as you jerk me onto your open mouth until I spurt all over you, your tongue out and face slapped red.

HER: Thank you darling x I’ve now soaked the bed but still want to know when your free next. Let me know when you can. Night xx

HIM: Wear stockings tomorrow. Night x

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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