ode to the first

J had no idea what she could expect, but from the emails and text messages she’d been sharing with M, she was sure it would be a good time. grabbing her bag, checking one last time in the full length mirror, J saw a tall, curvaceous woman with ample breasts on show in a skin coloured, low-cut top, hair glistening from her new cut earlier that day; she slammed the door behind her and clicked down the hall in three inch black heels.

after leaving her ex, J had wondered how to get a good shag, the sort of sex that would blow her mind. she’d already tried the clubs and bars in london but these places were seriously lacking in appropriate mates; more drunken retards than anything promising. J then had the idea of looking online, checking what sort of sex sites would be a good place to meet someone who would show her the ropes, show her how it was done; take away her mental pain with the physical.

that’s when she came across M.

his profile pic was the first thing she was drawn to; dark, tall, with a massive smile and straight teeth. a slightly older man, but that had never phased her before. his missives to her were intelligent, funny and skilled at making her feel at ease. she finally had the compunction to phone him, silently delighted with his canadian accent, and they arranged to meet up halfway between both their places at a lush, up-and-coming bar.

J was flying high with confidence, eager to meet M. she arrived early, stood leaning against the wall, rolled a cigarette and lit up. eyes and head swivelling along both sides of the street, she stood smoking, her dark red lipstick leaving marks on her cigarette butt, and waited for M to arrive.

it had started to spit rain just as a taxi pulled up to the curb in front of her. the man in the back leaned forward to pay the driver then stepped out. he looked around, eyes finally alighting on J who was staring straight at him, a question in her eyes.

jenny? he said in that smooth accent, deep throated; already sending vibrations through her body. J returned the smile, mathew? she said, and they greeted each other with a hug and a kiss on each cheek. let’s get a drink then…

they walked into the bar, found a secluded table in a dark corner and ordered two martini’s. sitting next to each other, the sexual tension completely apparent, J and M’s eyes roved over one another taking in details unnoticed before.

J noticed that M was not exactly as young as he had claimed on his profile, perhaps a full ten years older, but regardless, it was M’s eyes that took her in, his confident manner and assertive nature automatically made itself obvious – she didn’t drink martini.

M realised that J was a bit on the larger side than the photos she’d sent him had suggested, but he was fully and blatantly admiring her neckline, gaze lingering on down to her nipples, erect through the sheer material of her top.

J already knew that she wanted to go back to his but she didn’t want to give in too easily, didn’t want to relinquish control just yet, so she said she had to go, had to get back, that this was just the first meeting to see if they got on; it was quite obvious they did. when she stood up, he did also, forcefully putting his arm around J’s waist and pulling her into him, lips meeting just a moment after. a lingering kiss; she could taste the martini on his tongue, a hint of chewing gum too. you’re coming with me and you know it, M said. And J couldn’t deny herself.

walking outside towards the nearest taxi rank, they stopped at an off licence to pick up whiskey and vodka, then hailed a cab and drove through the rainy, busy streets of london towards M’s flat. his hand was on her thigh, slowly making its way up her trouser leg towards her cunt, causing the heat to rise in the back of the cab.

arriving just before he started stroking her mound through her trousers, they jumped out and ran for the entrance to his building; water dripping off the eaves in big droplets, landing on their faces, in their mouths, while M scrambled for his keys and opened the door. switching the lights on in his flat, they looked at each other, both soaked to the skin, wetness running in rivulets down J’s arms and M’s face. nothing more needed to be said. they both watched each other as each began to strip.

the flat was large, with a hefty blue corner sofa and huge coffee table dominating most of the central space and a plush, furry white carpet in front of the decadent fireplace, almost overshadowed by the gargantuan, black framed mirror resting on top of the mantel piece.

M took off his heavy leather jacket, throwing it over the nearest chair, his shirt, shoes, socks, trousers and boxers to follow. for his age he definitely wasn’t bad; a lean body held tightly together, a dusting of hair on his chest and leading on down his stomach to his neatly trimmed pubes. his cock was already pulsating with life, the veins pumping him up so his head stuck up further, drawing J’s eyes automatically to it.

J had stripped off her wet, now practically see-through, top and flung it over M’s clothes, her breasts bouncing as she moved. taking her heels off, she sat on the arm of the sofa and proceeded to pull off her tight black trousers – not the sexiest thing to be doing right then, but blatantly necessary. fortunately M had decided to pour them both a drink and after J had managed to stand up again and rearrange her hair, he was holding out a whiskey and coke to her, his vodka and tonic in his left hand. taking it gratefully, J necked a couple of centimetres and felt the sweet burning liquid melt down her throat.

M placed his glass on the coffee table, J only now noticing that there were heavy metal rings hanging from the underside of the dark wooden edges. M walked over to the black mantel piece and reached up to take down the mirror. he placed it leaning against the fireplace, opposite the coffee table and sofa, so they could both get a clear view of the unfolding action.

walking into the kitchen, M went to a corner cupboard, threw it open and rummaged around for a short while. turning towards her, J could see he was holding 2 ties along with some clothes pegs in one hand, and a crystal butt plug and ropes in the other. he moved towards her, head slightly down but eyes looking up at hers. J took another swig of her drink, anticipating the kick that the sugar and alcohol would give her, and put the glass on the table. holding her hands out towards M, wrists turned up so that M could see her pulse beat against her smooth, delicate skin, she stared right back at him; the safety word is RED, she whispered, other than that, please start off gentle, Sir…

hold your arms out to each side of you. stand still. M demanded laconically.

M moved closer, placing all objects except a tie on the coffee table. cupping J’s left breast in his right hand, he yanked hard to pull her mouth up towards his, and luscious lips smashed against each other, tongues searching, tasting vodka on him and whiskey on her, the stink of cigarettes present too. biting her lower lip between his front teeth just hard enough to make J gasp, he stood back and, holding her left tit with his right hand, he slowly began to wind the tie round it; holding the thinner end in his right hand with her breast, the left hand winding, J’s tit sticking out further, her large, brown nipple erect and proud. M bent his head forward and bit her hard, relishing the squeal escaping her lips as her body automatically moved back away from him. i’m not finished for you to move just yet, jenny, and, holding both ends of the tie, he yanked her towards him again and roughly tied a knot at the top of her breast. leaning down he picked up the second tie and repeated the same procedure, intermittently pulling at J’s left nipple, twisting and biting, until both J’s tits protruded from her body, nipples erect and red already, just like in a manga cartoon.

turn around, jenny, facing the coffee table so I can see your ass in the mirror. bend forward. that’s right. i can see your cunt from here; your lips look so swollen and wet.

J felt M move towards her, lean down passed her and pick up the silk ropes. Stay where you are and keep still. M moved so he stood opposite her on the other side of the table; he had a good view of her curves in the mirror opposite him, behind her. hold out your arms in front of you. J did so and M wound the ropes around her wrists giving her just enough space for comfort but still the burning sensation as a reminder of the tightness of her bindings. moving to stand next to her, M used the excess rope and pulled down hard, forcing J’s body to move in the same direction. i told you to stay still. you will be punished for moving.

J couldn’t think of anything to respond; her heart beat fast and her breath had become ragged, J could feel her pulsating cunt leaking her juice down from her lips. she thought of how her cunt must glisten in the mirror at that moment, the heat of M’s body and assertive requests, coupled with the alcohol; J knew she was close to coming but she wanted more. M had bent down, kneeling on the floor. he looped the ropes through the metal rings under the coffee table and J was forced to bend even further, her ass sticking right out for attention now, the cool breeze from the open window behind the curtains washed over J’s naked body cooling her as she stood there prone.

M stood up, satisfied, picking up the crystal butt plug as well. He went to the kitchen drawer and pulled out some lube. squirting some onto the end of the butt plug, M walked towards J’s ass, rubbing her right cheek first, stepping back and… thwack… J bucked – her first reaction because she hadn’t expected it. i told you not to move. the sting on J’s ass left an impression but M wasn’t going to continue just yet; he reached between her legs and felt her dripping cunt, running over her nub causing tremors through her body. that’s enough of that for now, and so saying M, plenty of lube present, began fingering J’s asshole. at first it was a little resistant but gradually, as she became more relaxed, her anus opened up to M, her dark flower with a darker centre. taking the butt plug, M gently but firmly began to widen her flower further, the 3 inch sloping glass disappearing inside her, the cool effects of the glass against her hot insides. gently rubbing her clit at the same time, M could see just how turned on J was as she began to move in time with him pushing the plug in and out of her until the point where it finally disappeared inside her, her asshole closing satisfyingly around the thin end of the plug, the crystal at the base the only thing to indicate what was inside her. M stopped play with her clit and J let out a sigh; she knew exactly how close she had been to coming just then and was grateful that M had stopped when he had.

reaching down to the coffee table again, M picked up the clothes pegs he’d left lying there. the tension is unbearable – he’s unbelievably turned on by the sight before him; he saw himself in the mirror, his cock rigid, sweat glistening on his skin and standing next to a woman bent over and restrained to his coffee table, the crystal sparkling in her ass under the spotlights. there was no need to see a face right now, this was good enough.

keeping an eye on their reflection in the mirror, M bent down behind J again and prized her pussy lips apart, clamping one clothes peg on her right outer labia. J let out a grunt, unsuspecting as she had been, and M pulled on her left inner labia and clamped a smaller clothes peg there, relishing the second grunt to escape from J’s mouth. Coming around to her left side first, he bent down again and pinched her nipples, slapping and tugging at them; her large brown nipples were still erect, eagerness apparent.

J’s breath was coming out in gasps.

he pulled the skin tight next to her left nipple and clamped a peg there making it even more sensitive to touch, which he carried on doing. he placed a peg on both nipples, pulling and pinching and slapping all the while, and lastly placed one last peg on the skin next to her right nipple. he could see her body shaking with the strain of the position but that wasn’t his concern right then. he stood up, walked over to his jeans and pulled off his belt.

walking behind her, the mirror to his right, he folded the belt in half so both ends were in one hand and pulled sharply making a thwacking sound. M swung his arm back and aimed for her right cheek.




three sharp stings in quick succession and then he was stroking her stinging skin with his left hand.

you shouldn’t have moved. You will be punished for disobeying.




he came down on her left ass cheek hard. J’s skin was now covered in perspiration; she could feel the pegs clutching to her skin in her most intimate places; could feel the sting of his belt on her ass and the gentle strokes, soothing after that; she could feel her cunt, soaking wet, essence dribbling down the insides of her thighs, her tits tied up and sore under the strain of the silk ties, the pegs heightening the sensitivity in that area; she could feel her wrists stinging from the ropes, her back beginning to hurt and her legs shaking in this position. But she wanted more.

she moved.

M came down gently but consistently on both her ass cheeks for a further 5 minutes; her ass so red in the reflection of the mirror, the spotlights highlighting the belt strokes across her ass. when he had finished, he threw the belt down, walked around the coffee table, forced J to look up at him from a tear-stained face even in her restricted position.

open wide, and she did.

M poured her drink down her throat and she lapped it up, thirsty from her exertions, whiskey and coke dribbling out her mouth and down her chin and neck.

that’s enough for now, jenny.

he stuffed his cock into her mouth. deep.

M filled her with him, choking her, gagging her with his hot cock. J was just aware that she had better not hurt him with her teeth. she wanted to suck him off so badly that she welcomed the pain from M holding the back of her head by her dark hair, shoving her head on and off his cock. pre-cum at the back of her throat, J had saliva running down her chin mixing with the already present and sticky whiskey and coke. M slammed into her mouth. J thought he’d go on forever but then he quickly pulled his cock from her mouth.

not just yet I don’t think, M whispered between long breaths, chest heaving from the effort. J was looking up at him, disappointment evident on her face, fluids shiny on her skin.

he moved round the table and bent down, untying the ropes from the metal rings. He dragged her towards the dining room table in the bay window. stay at this end of the table, M said, and walked the length of the table away from J, the ropes still in his hands. reaching the end he turned to face toward her then pulled on the ropes, making it difficult for J to do anything but comply by leaning forward over the table, her ass sticking out again. the sensitivity caused by the pegs on her swollen tits made her let out a screech as her nipples slammed down, connecting with the table. M tied the ends of the ropes around the legs of the dining table.

J was once more prone and open to suggestion.

M walked back to where J was bending over. He reached down and between her legs, nudging the pegs on her lips and causing sensations of pain to rush through her sensitised nerve endings. he played with her clit, gently, rubbing round and round. J could feel her first waves of orgasms coming, her delicate nipples sending shock waves through her tits, her clit sending waves of pleasure in the opposite direction so her wxhole body was electrified.

and she came.

her legs were apart, a waterfall coming down from between her legs, running in rivulets as heavy as the rain outside, causing a small lake to form between her feet on the hard wooden floor. M’s arm and hand were completely drenched, the stink of sex now even more evident in the room. he stopped playing with J’s hard pea, taking the pegs off her lips and walked away from her. She heard the kitchen drawer open again and a rustling as M walked back towards her.

then he was inside her, his pulsating dick, hot and throbbing, slamming hard into her.

it was tight, the butt plug still sparkling up at him from his elevated position. He leaned forward over her and reached under her body, pulling and pinching on her nipples, thrusting in and out. the breeze from behind the curtains in front of them was cooling down their soaking wet skin. J’s grunts and moans, pleasures from all the places M had chosen to stimulate, his cock inside her pumping hard.

she was bent over a dining room table, restrained to it with ropes that were chafing the skin at her wrists; her tits were tied up making them stand proud; her erect nipples, agonisingly sensitive with the pegs on, were rubbing against the table surface, M leaning forward and pulling them taut, making her want to cum there and then; the butt plug in her ass rubbing on the wall of skin separating her cunt from her ass passage and therefore rubbing against her g-spot with M’s cock inside her, pumping her, fucking her deep so that they both came, loudly, J repeatedly even after M had come, her nipples still brushing the table surface…

…giving her the release she had so desired.

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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