men and their dicks

it occurs to me, over the last year or so, that i’ve met a number of men who have been concerned about the size of their cock… i don’t know to whom they are comparing with, but i always thought the average sized dick is approximately 5 inches / 12.7 centimetres.

now, some of you guys may read this and laugh out loud, because 5 inches doesn’t sound like a lot, but did any of you think about girth? did any of you think about the fact that there are also women out there with pussies that match your cock size?

did you know that in the kama sutra, published in 1883, makes quite an interesting point about sizes of cocks and cunts?

The Kama Sutra’s three sizes of male and female genitalia:

Male Kama Sutra Sizes:

  • Hare (Small)
  • Bull (Medium)
  • Horse (Large)

Female Kama Sutra Sizes:

  • Deer (Small)
  • Mare (Medium)
  • Elephant (Large)

read more here: Kama Sutra & Size Compatibility

so why is it that i have often come across men who are embarrassed by the size of their (“small”) cocks? these are guys with 4.5-5.5 inch long dicks… do you really think there are that many women out there with gargantuan pussies who could always take a cock bigger than 5 inches? are you nuts?!

if you really want to find out how you fare on the “world cock size index”, take a look here: Average Penis Size Study

while a cock that fits a pussy is well received, don’t forget that having sex isn’t all about penetration – there is so much more!

i recently decided to abstain from penetrative sex for a year – that was 3 months ago… in that time, i have had some of the most amazing sexual experiences in my life, made more potent by the fact that my cunt hole was out of bounds.

so men, stop this misconception – if the woman you fancy hasn’t got the right sized pussy out there for you cock, then you’re going to have to find someone else.

and just so there is no misunderstanding – i am not saying “size doesn’t matter”; quite the opposite. size does matter to women – some of you men are too big, and some too small; you just need to find someone who is the right size for you!


one love, Lil Green Wildling xx

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