SUB (S): ello ello

DOM (D): so u needed to be prompted

S: not at all, Sir… i just got online 10 mins ago, checked my emails, and now i’m talking to u

D: nice pic last night

S: mmmm

D: was hoping for more than the beginning

S: lol cant give it all away

D: nice heavy breasts

S: yes, i love them

D: would be even more amazing if they were even bigger

S: lol, they used to be, i lost 2 stone in weight ;o) in a year!!

D: yes but then they were on a bigger frame

S: lol i know… was shocking losing them

D: that is not that nice, u should have them huge on a small frame 🙂

S: not on ur nelly am i changing these babies, i love my bod, esp since i started toning up, and stretching lots ;o)

D: nice big nipples to torture

S: hmmmm

D: lol

S: and how exactly would u torture them?

D: in whatever way i like, using ur flesh for my pleasure

S: u can do that… but everyone has their limits

D: u need to have something inside ur pussy all day tomorrow and squeeze it and think of me, something big and uncomfortable

S: now that i can do for u, wot do u suggest? or wud u like me to come up with something?

D: one of those square nail polishes

S: square nail varnish bottle?

D: as long as it is wide and a bit painful to put in

S: always

S: stretching is good, or so i’ve been told

D: yes to eventually be able to fist urself

S: if i told u i enjoyed that and can almost do that to myself, would it offend u?

D: that is something i would expect u to strive towards

D: beyond the knuckles

S: well ud have to help me there… my arms arent long enough to do that

D: i’ll pull ur arms, once the hand is in, i might fuck ur ass….

D; it gets tight then

D: really tight

S: lol, i know

S: but because i cant use my arms like that, this may prove difficult

S: several toys however can be used instead of my fist

D: exactly, like an avocado in your ass

S: hmmmm id not thought of that one…. interesting

D: slowly inserted with the small end first, and when its all in u should learn to control it with ur ass muscle, slowly pushing it out stretching ur ass hole to the max until sucking it back in

S: now i am intrigued

D: girls can learn to cum so hard that way

S: u wudnt believe how hard i can cum…

D: im going to sit back with a beer and a cigarette and let u show me

S: oh good, u smoke, and i’ll show u

S: i’ll show u how i spread my legs wide, and begin by stroking down my naked body, flicking, tormenting my nipples, teasing, stretching them… this turns me on just as much as playing with my clit; then i’m gonna work my way down to my pussy, stretch my lips…

D: go on, im stroking my cock here, so wont write just listen to my little slut

S: …so u can see my dark purple, swollen cunt, gaping before u already covered in a layer of wetness – shiny – and at the top my bud, sticking up hard. i begin stroking it with my right middle finger, while playing with my right nipple with my other hand – the combination drives me insane! – and my juices begin to flow. u’ll see my lips contract, and a jet, a stream of liquid will squirt out my hole, and at the end will slowly dribble down my gash, so that my hole is soaking. my legs still spread, u still on the sofa, a beer and cigarette in each hand, ur eyes roving over my shaking body, quivering at every stroke of my finger on my hard clit, my cum is continually shooting out of my cunt now – and i feel how wet and moist i am, and how much i want something inside me. using both my hands – one playing with my clit, the other going towards my hole – i dig 2 of my fingers in first, then 3, then 4… in and out constantly, all the while playing with my rock hard pea, and finally i try to stick my thumb in there. i go as far as my arm will stretch, in out in out, my juices are flowing around my hand…

D: all to please ur master

S: …all because i know u r watching, and because i like giving u my pleasure. but i digress…

S: juices flowing around my hand, i am flicking my clit so hard that when i remove my left fist from my cunt, a wave of liquid squirts half a meter out, and a sigh escapes my lips… but its not over, because theres still more to come, i havent finished with my clit – i just want to cum again, and i carry on rubbing my clit with the palm of my hand…

D: keep cumming show me how far u can squirt

S: and believe me when i say, that the usual matter is that i cum as far as a meter – perhaps even more – and have been known to blind people who have been watching. i’m a meter away from u, lying on the floor at ur feet, legs spread and my cum is shooting towards u.

S: it gets on ur jeans, and u dont like it, so u want to punish me. u tell me to stop while i’m mid-cum – and i do, holding it all back. u tel me to get up and walk towards u, turn around and bend over, and u take all my juices and start, rubbing around my ass hole. u stick first one finger in really slowly, loosening my ring, making the muscles relax, jsut enough for u to start pushing ur finger in, all the way and out again, u rub around my hole again relaxing the muscles further, and all the while i am bending forward with my ass in ur face. u decide to put another finger in there, and i feel myself relaxing, i feel myself close around both ur fingers, and u gently push and pull out again, in and out. u want to spank my ass, make me pay for cumming so much and on ur jeans too, so u slowly pull ur fingers out my ass, tell me to take a step forward, still bending over and spank me hard on one ass cheek. i dont let out a sound, taking the pain, but then u do it again…

D: ill spank so hard that it will leave a hand mark on ur ass

S: and again…

S: and again…

S: u have left several hand prints all over my ass cheek, and i cant hold back anymore, my legs are shaking from standing in that position. my ass is sore from ur hand and i let out a yelp as u strike again. i know how my ass must look to u now, while ur sitting there watching me, seeing my body shake

D: bright red and ooozing

S: swollen cunt and red ass

S: mmmmm, the high from the pain and the near orgasmic cumming earlier

D: u will think of me when u sit for the next few days

S: yummy ;o)

D: now turn around and give me a blow job i wont forget until i cum deep in ur throat

S: i am thinking about turning around towards u now, and kneeling down in front of u on the sofa,  ur beer and cigarette forgotten on the table next to u. u unzip ur trousers, get ur cock out and tell me to suck u hard. ur cock is already hard but u want me to really go for it, and as is my way, i take on the challenge, i kiss the end of your cock – but u dont want that, so u take me by the back of my head, tell me to open my mouth and i gorge myself on ur dick which u shove down my thoat, thrusting at the end so that the tip of ur cock touches my tonsils. and u move my head on and off ur dick banging the back of my throat as i take you whole, tears are streaming down my face and i am gaggin. with ur free hand, u reach forward and grab a nipple, pulling hard on it and i cant scream because u r making me gag…

D: just took two pics and sent u

S: i saw… i’m glad i could be of assistance, lol – your cock looks very lovely, when its as hard as that!! i cant wait to get my lips round that

D: my oral lunch whore

S: lol

D: u like that?

S: do u want an honest answer?

D: hehe i think i know it – no!

S: lol, actually, i thought of u as my lunch as well, so i guess u cud add the whore on the end – lol, just kidding! of course i like that… because its true!

D: i want to do exactly what u just described

S: mmmmm yes please, but i’m not free until after 22nd!! i know! its my bday wk!! or month i should say ;o)

D: maybe u can find a cheap dirty hotel near us, book a room for an hour and text me the room number

S: i wonder where to look… i’ll have to do some digging but thats a good challenge

D: when i turn up, ur naked already ready to put on a show – when i am finished with u i just leave

S: okay… right, am off to bed u, i will be in touch asap, with directions, and i’m going to cum something rotten this eve, so will most likely take a photo and send

D: take a photo of the squirt

S: i’ll see what i can do, night x

D: night u

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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