some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about…

…and i wish i could tell everyone about last saturday morning.

every time my ass brushes by a surface, or i lean back on a desk, i feel a little stinging reminder of what you did to me. i recall the red welts that cover each of my cheeks. i recall the position you put me in to receive my well deserved strokes.

remembering, and writing about it now, is making me so wet. my legs were shaking. i could not keep myself up any longer. you drove me to ecstasy.

you used just your hands.

within minutes of entering your flat, i had removed all of my outer clothes, and stood opposite you wearing a new set of lingerie i had only purchased the weekend before.

i like my body.

it’s strong, and soft, firm and smooth. i like the colour of my skin – kind of a dirty olive brown, and my new white bra and knickers stood out brighter against this smooth olive landscape. i love my heavy, pert breasts, my hourglass figure and the curve of my lower back to the top of my ass cheeks – it’s an alluring playground.

i felt like a naughty little school girl in front of you, naked under your gaze – except for my white undies.

i know there is a mischievous glint in my eye – i want the session to begin.

you tell me to stand still. i do.

from behind, i allow you to put your cuffs around my wrists, my arms pulled back and my hands resting in one another at the base of my spine. it’s just enough to stretch my shoulders uncomfortably. you tell me to bend over the cool, marble surface of your kitchen counter. my head slightly turned to the left, i feel the hard surface against my right cheek, and my tits are being squished beneath my own body weight.

and i wait, but not long.

i feel your right hand stroke up my spine, feeling my skin and the heat beneath your hand. each of your hands rests respectively on each of my shoulders – you begin to rub them, then both hands stroking down my back in a firm, slow motion, tracing the contours of my body; both hands radiating the heat of your body through to mine.

a gentle spank on my right cheek.

then the left.

your left hand is placed gently but firmly on my tailbone.

your right hand comes down just that little bit harder on my right cheek, and you repeat the motion on my left, smoothly caressing the curves of my cheeks.

the third time your hand comes down hard, and you hold it there covering the stinging sensation running the course of my skin and through to my muscle. i buck against the marble surface, the edge digging into my solar plexus, a small squeal escaping my lips as i lift my head and arch upwards.

i giggle, but not for long.

my left cheek feels the heated throb as your hand comes down on it hard as well, and i repeat the bucking motion, leaning forward, so i am standing on my tiptoes, my legs taught.

you stroke me, all the way down… from the back of my neck with both hands over my shoulders, blades, and following the curve of my waist, your hands lazily working their way down to my curvaceous behind, down the backs of my thighs and knees, and calves and ankles.

shivers writhe through me.

your  hands come back up towards my ass, stroking all the while, and placing your left hand on the base of my spine again, you tell me just how many strokes i will receive on each cheek, and that you would be increasing the strength of each stroke each time.

the sound of your hand coming down on my cheeks made me moist, and i could feel my knickers were already wet with anticipation, the sting that was followed by your gentle strokes all over my behind, legs and back sent sensations through my body from head to toe.

with both hands you slid my panties off my hips, leaving them in a small heap on the floor.

you had your right hand run down the centre of my butt and between my thighs, past my cunt hole and towards my clit. you gently began rubbing, but you didn’t need to rub long before a wave rushed through me and my juice shot out, rivulets running down the insides of my thighs.

i felt the marble surface digging into my body as i arched up again, and you simply leaned your weight onto your left hand and pinned me back down to the cool, marble surface, even while i was standing on tiptoes. the strokes came in deeper and harder, and i felt myself close to orgasm, even without you touching my bean.

you grab me and pull me up, ask me to walk over to the carpet on your living room floor, get down on my knees and bend forward; my right cheek was pressed into the long shag hairs of the carpet, smelling their staleness. my arms still restrained behind me with my brown flower of an asshole and my lengthy slit opened up, displaying towards you.

you begin playing, and fingering, and stroking, and licking. all over my pussy and clit first, and then slowly towards my asshole. you stop. stand up. walk away leaving me a pulsating messy heap on your floor.

a moment later you return, a decoration in hand. lubing up, you gently tease in the butt plug, and i feel it enter my cave, a grunt. and you continue toying with my lips, and nib, all over… you just can’t get enough.

once you were done with your gentile ways, you turned your attentions to punishing me for having been late to arrive earlier, and for having kept you waiting to respond after the last message you sent me. your hand was coming down hard, again, on both cheeks, and the burning sensation that raced through my body from my butt cheeks through to the nerves in my brain, was so intense, i gushed forth an explosion of my essence.

and you went back to inspecting my most private parts with such concentration.

i turn my head from looking at you on my left side and see a reflection of us in the glass tv cabinet doors to my right.

the image is so fucking hot.

my ass is up in the air, and you, you are leaning over it, your full concentration on the way my lips move to your touches, your kisses, and your gentle bites.

right at that moment i saw the most sexy image i have ever seen.

bound in such a way as to not be able to move much, a woman with a very curvaceous body in all the right places is being attended to by a well built, dark haired, and gentle but stern looking man. all this attention on one small vital area of a woman’s body, the most private and intimate of zones. and she was helpless to stop him from delighting.

i came so much that when you tried to touch my clit again i burst out giggling; i just couldn’t take anymore.

you have strong hands. you work out often. your bear strokes go deep. you don’t break the skin but you leave your mark.

it’s purple.

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written content is © All rights are reserved.

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