unlike my alternative lifestyle, this band is called “vanilla“. while writing my next erotic story, i have randomly come across this album, “origin“. i am sitting here appreciating these vibes for their sexiness, the thrills of these smooth beats, as the words flow from my mind to my finger tips, to this keyboard – and finally appearing before my very eyes.

i love moments like these.

music i enjoy can ignite a waterfall of emotions, and memories are dragged forth of times gone by, joyful or sad. or in this case, music simply pulses through my feet and up into my thighs and lower groin; my sub-woofer sits just at my toes, under my desk.

i feel the bass.

it stirs in my belly.

i feel sensual, and mischievous, a wee glint in my eye as i look up from my screen, searching for the next words to write.

i hope you enjoy this album as much as i – and i hope the next story excites you too.

“Origin” by Vanilla


Lil Green Wildling xx

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