no rest for the insatiably wicked

but wow, fuck, my god… the way you kiss me? i haven’t felt that magic in years.

no hesitation.

your lips, teeth and tongue knowing exactly the right spots – just the right amount of pressure and teasing playful manner – the balance between the one doing the teasing and the one being teased flipping back and forth between us. so sensual, yet so passionate – a sense of urgency, yet the desire to take our time.

and no, it wasn’t just the wondrous concoction of mind altering substances causing such emphasis – i recall how more-than-pleasantly surprised i was when we kissed the first time.

but there, on your boat, under colourful fairy lights, we created our own magic for a time.

you have the most amazing eyes in which i easily get lost; sparkling with humour and intelligence, so playful. and your hands… wow… strong and firm, yet completely gentile and quite unafraid to explore. my curves couldn’t get enough of your fingers tips and palms as they caressed my neck, shoulders, back, waist, and hips, hovering long over my ass, grabbing it, pulling my cheeks apart – all while your mouth is on mine, as we hungrily share the energy flowing between us.


your body is hard. mine is soft.

you smell good – and i hope i still do.

on the sofa in the middle section of the boat i lay down, a lit joint is lolling out my mouth.

but there is no rest for the insatiably wicked.

you pry my legs apart while on your knees before me, my head propped on a pillow against the side of the boat. i imagine my dark, pinky-brown lips are already slippery with my juices because of you and your ministrations. your face is looking intensely at my sex, and i feel my lips contract and expand for you, reflections from the fairy lights bounce off them. then your lips are on mine, licking from just above my asshole all the way up to my clit.

i watch your head go down again before me, to bury your face in me, and i close my eyes, leaning my head back, feeling your tongue investigate, and find, my swollen bean. without any barriers between us, and feeling completely comfortable, i cum – my essence squirting out of me surprising you for a millisecond, before you are lapping it up – craving to make more. your tongue teasing intensifies, and your fingers are now exploring my insides as you slide two up inside my wet hole – in and out, catching the same rhythm as your tongue circling over my clit; a mix of your mouth and my cunt juices are flowing down towards my brown flower, and we are making a small puddle. your thumb goes to examine the looseness of my asshole, rimming it with your thumb tip, before gently pushing in.

the pressure of you on my asshole, with two of your fingers inside me, your tongue on my clit and your free hand reaching up to grab my nipples – it sends me into overdrive and i cum hard again, over and over. and you continue on.

but i wanted your cock in my mouth. i swing my legs around so i’m laying full length on the sofa, while you get up on the sofa near my head, slightly to the right side so my face is turned, and i can easily get your cock in my mouth. your knees are either side of my face, your hard cock hovering above so it’s all i see in front of me. i stretch up – and in this position, slightly to the right –  kiss, then slide my tongue delicately and wetly along the base of your balls, cupping your pert right ass cheek with my right hand, and pulling you down onto me as i take your hard dick in my left hand, guiding him into my mouth.

your cock is delicious. it fits just right. at this angle my throat can swallow you all the way down to the hilt. my left index finger and thumb make a circle around the base of your sex, helping keep the blood flowing to the tip, while my tongue twists and twirls around your knob end, before sliding the length of your shaft down my throat and back up again, where my tongue repeats it’s twists and twirls before taking you whole again – my right hand is still on your butt, guiding you into my mouth, and back out in a mounting rhythm.

out of the corner of my left eye, i could see you watching me, a smile on your lips as you looked down on me taking you whole. i saw your eyes close, and your head tilt back slowly, as your hips got into the rhythm, your hard member plunging in and out of my wet hole, my teeth just scraping the surface of you.

i can see us now: my body sprawled out naked before you, my legs spread, and pussy absolutely wet with desire, my heavy breasts pushed together giving a great view of cleavage, and my head to the left side and under your cock, with your body straight over me, hands by your sides, and head tilted back.

we were two sides of a right-angled triangle, though we weren’t quite that still. the rhythm between you and i intensified, and in the next moments, i’m swallowing up all of your cum.

you really are delicious.

Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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