explore me

we left the marina the next morning and headed back to my hotel. last night, in the sweltering heat of your boat, we lay among our sex scented sheets. now, the weather at its warmest in years, we were sticky, stinking of sex, of heat, of weed, of no sleep… i wanted a shower, and you simply joined me.

the water beat down on us; your skin slippery next to mine as we kissed, water running down our faces, temporarily blinding us as we sought each other’s tongues and lips, a gentle bite, a suck – i wanted to disappear into you then…

i don’t believe we had even soaped up before you turned me around and pushed me up against the wall.

this is one of my favourite positions – my palms on the tiles, my nipples brushing the cold surface of the tiled bathroom wall, and my left cheek pressed hard against it. my head turned to the right, i felt the shower beating down on my back, and i could feel you staring at my nakedness as your hands slowly traced down my back, the right reaching around the front of me, and your left coming to rest on my left hip. your fingers felt down my front and found my gash, sliding between the top of my lips as the water also swept down my body between the lines. you found my cherry and began circling – how do you know that i like it exactly like that?!

the tingle of the cold tiles against the tips of my nipples along with your playful circles at just the right pressure and my cheek now pressed hard against the wall – i was panting, could feel my pussy muscles contract and a jet of juice shot down out of me.


and after…

i have this wickedly sexual image so stark in mind – i catch myself in a mirror through half-closed eyes, completely naked after our shower together. my heavy breasts hanging forward slightly as i lean on my arms, my face closer to the mirror, my cheek turning, as i try to peer behind me, to try to see what you’re doing, and the reason i am keeping myself on tiptoes:

you’re pulling my cheeks apart, my anal flower winking at you, inviting you to come play.

but first, i feel your tongue explore me from behind, lick from my wet hole right down to my clit, and back up again. i feel your tongue tip rim my asshole, and i let out a sigh.

i was actually surprised you’d go there – not for any prudish reason on my part, but simply because some previous lovers just have no clue, and don’t dare. i recall how you thought i was commenting in horror, and you stopped your tongue play there.

no, don’t stop. please.

always feel free to explore me.

Lil Green Wildling x

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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