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the gentleman

i have mulled over how i am going to put down the following thoughts, senses and feelings, without distorting the events too much, or even causing the gentleman concerned any insult. in these situations, a little tact doesn’t go amiss, so i find sticking as close to my true version of events is the most emotionally logical way forward. but how to begin…

i was feeling somewhat ‘broken’ recently. i was in pain – the emotional pain had also led to physical pain i hadn’t felt in a long while – if ever, that i can recall now. i’d felt like my heart had been quite literally ripped out of my chest – i couldn’t breathe, my hands were shaking; a sense of loss so profound it literally shook me.

when something so emotional happens, that affects my self-esteem and confidence, i tend to turn towards looking for external pleasures, to take my mind and heart off the internal pain.

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some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about…

…and i wish i could tell everyone about last saturday morning.

every time my ass brushes by a surface, or i lean back on a desk, i feel a little stinging reminder of what you did to me. i recall the red welts that cover each of my cheeks. i recall the position you put me in to receive my well deserved strokes.

remembering, and writing about it now, is making me so wet. my legs were shaking. i could not keep myself up any longer. you drove me to ecstasy.

you used just your hands.

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why I write

writing gives me great pleasure. actually, it’s not just the writing… it’s also knowing how words can affect people.

throughout the ages,speeches have stirred the masses to revolution, stories have passed on wisdom, and sparked imaginations the world over, while poetry has brought us to tears – of joy or sadness, or even laughter.

erotica is no different. it’s just (a bit) more… base. it sparks in us a warmth, a deep tingling sensation we had quite forgotten was there until we started reading that erotica story. you notice that sensation even more usually when watching porn. but rather unlike a porn movie, the author of erotica isn’t the centre of attention – and the words supplied provide just enough images for the readers own imagination to take on a life of its own within the story. simply put, i like making people feel like they are the ones being fucked or fucking – it’s truly one of my little perversions 🙂

have a beautiful day sexy cunts!



Lil Green Wildling xx

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