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ode to the first

J had no idea what she could expect, but from the emails and text messages she’d been sharing with M, she was sure it would be a good time. grabbing her bag, checking one last time in the full length mirror, J saw a tall, curvaceous woman with ample breasts on show in a skin coloured, low-cut top, hair glistening from her new cut earlier that day; she slammed the door behind her and clicked down the hall in three inch black heels.

after leaving her ex, J had wondered how to get a good shag, the sort of sex that would blow her mind. she’d already tried the clubs and bars in london but these places were seriously lacking in appropriate mates; more drunken retards than anything promising. J then had the idea of looking online, checking what sort of sex sites would be a good place to meet someone who would show her the ropes, show her how it was done; take away her mental pain with the physical.

that’s when she came across M.

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teasing you, using me

staring him directly in the face, keeping his attention on me, i ran my forefinger on my right hand up my left arm towards the strap of my dress. slowly, teasingly, i began to pull the strap down, always looking back at him to make sure he was watching. seeing his rapt attention, i slid my dress and bra straps off my left shoulder, then swapped fingers and traced up my arm with my left forefinger towards my right shoulder straps. i looked back at him to find him closely watching my finger as i drew down the right straps off my shoulder. i followed the curve of my neckline with my right finger and gradually pulled the material down at the front so that my ample bosom spilled over the top revealing big, brown nipples, rock hard with anticipation and the cool air that hit them after the warmth of my dress.

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day dreaming of the night before

It was never my strong point to say no to a decent sized man, and when I saw how decent he was, I knew I’d enjoy taking him in my mouth, right up to his balls.

But before we got that far, he was kissing me, stroking my lips with his tongue; kissing my neck and sending shivers down my spine – even thinking about him now my cunt has begun to throb, and I can feel my tight trousers rubbing against my clit as I sit here and type this.

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