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the gentleman

i have mulled over how i am going to put down the following thoughts, senses and feelings, without distorting the events too much, or even causing the gentleman concerned any insult. in these situations, a little tact doesn’t go amiss, so i find sticking as close to my true version of events is the most emotionally logical way forward. but how to begin…

i was feeling somewhat ‘broken’ recently. i was in pain – the emotional pain had also led to physical pain i hadn’t felt in a long while – if ever, that i can recall now. i’d felt like my heart had been quite literally ripped out of my chest – i couldn’t breathe, my hands were shaking; a sense of loss so profound it literally shook me.

when something so emotional happens, that affects my self-esteem and confidence, i tend to turn towards looking for external pleasures, to take my mind and heart off the internal pain.

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explore me

we left the marina the next morning and headed back to my hotel. last night, in the sweltering heat of your boat, we lay among our sex scented sheets. now, the weather at its warmest in years, we were sticky, stinking of sex, of heat, of weed, of no sleep… i wanted a shower, and you simply joined me.

the water beat down on us; your skin slippery next to mine as we kissed, water running down our faces, temporarily blinding us as we sought each other’s tongues and lips, a gentle bite, a suck – i wanted to disappear into you then…

i don’t believe we had even soaped up before you turned me around and pushed me up against the wall.

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no rest for the insatiably wicked

but wow, fuck, my god… the way you kiss me? i haven’t felt that magic in years.

no hesitation.

your lips, teeth and tongue knowing exactly the right spots – just the right amount of pressure and teasing playful manner – the balance between the one doing the teasing and the one being teased flipping back and forth between us. so sensual, yet so passionate – a sense of urgency, yet the desire to take our time.

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‘spoken’ word: on lustful balance

i’m writing a poem but its taking longer than expected

sitting in front of the mirror i can see my self snaked

an upright figure, proud, legs spread wide

my cunt is throbbing from hearing your voice all evening

your quirky little messages and intelligent conversation intriguing

yet so filthy and base, and full of promises

of a balance of pain and caresses

from stealing my soul, my essence, my being

to devouring my life’s blood with such infatuation

you will suck me dry with my cheeks spread wide

and I’ll submit to you

my eyes on yours

looking for the cue that

you want to give me it all

…and so much more


Lil Green Wildling xx

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