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ode to the first

J had no idea what she could expect, but from the emails and text messages she’d been sharing with M, she was sure it would be a good time. grabbing her bag, checking one last time in the full length mirror, J saw a tall, curvaceous woman with ample breasts on show in a skin coloured, low-cut top, hair glistening from her new cut earlier that day; she slammed the door behind her and clicked down the hall in three inch black heels.

after leaving her ex, J had wondered how to get a good shag, the sort of sex that would blow her mind. she’d already tried the clubs and bars in london but these places were seriously lacking in appropriate mates; more drunken retards than anything promising. J then had the idea of looking online, checking what sort of sex sites would be a good place to meet someone who would show her the ropes, show her how it was done; take away her mental pain with the physical.

that’s when she came across M.

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