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shot a glance

you shot a glance


twice –

i knew you’d been looking at my ass

it all kicked off with playful teasing

and ended with my viciously cumming

your intelligent words ignited a spark in my brain

your whit and whiplash tongue went unrestrained

dark thoughts turned over twisted blood

and images of souls entwined, and engulfed us

a clash of innocence and depravity

and devoured by a glimpse of insanity

cunt throbbing, afire

thinking of your cock, my fingers slid further…


Lil Green Wildling xx

Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved. 

day dreaming of the night before

It was never my strong point to say no to a decent sized man, and when I saw how decent he was, I knew I’d enjoy taking him in my mouth, right up to his balls.

But before we got that far, he was kissing me, stroking my lips with his tongue; kissing my neck and sending shivers down my spine – even thinking about him now my cunt has begun to throb, and I can feel my tight trousers rubbing against my clit as I sit here and type this.

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wicked stimulation

Lying back on the bed, your legs spread so wide I could see the tendons on the insides of your thighs standing out taught under your silky white skin, I plunged the dildo in and out of your pussy while I watched you gasping and shuddering while I played with my own clit, coming into my hand. Your breasts, mounds of fleshy white with large, pink nipples erect, moved up and down with the rhythm of my hand pumping in and out of you. Your head was bent back, eyes closed, your arms restrained by Velcro straps and metal carabiners pinning you to their matching set hooked onto the bed posts above and behind you.

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